What an unusual year this has been for all of us! For so many it’s been a real challenge with real losses among family and friends, economic issues, social distancing in our scattered extended and church families, and the tensions of politics, isolation, and social change. Through it all our God has been so good, shining His love and light and wisdom through the clouds that have been trying to blanket our worlds, and here we are!

Nana and Grampy (that’s us!) have been doing well together staying as close to each other, family, and friends as we can. Susan has been keeping up with her harp every day in spite of a serious slowdown in live gigs, especially in senior facilities. She’s waded into the world of Zoom with her harp as well as her somewhat truncated community involvement. Actually, Zoom has proven so far to be a pretty good way for us to keep in touch with family, members of the Arnett Block Association, the Police Chief’s PCIC meetings, CCHF and URMC students, and other prayer and support groups that we’ve been involved in.

Around the time COVID emerged, Bill read and recorded several “Hank the Cowdog” stories on his YouTube channel to entertain grandkids and others. He also began working on a series of discipleship study guides called Celebrate Salvation. His first 3 guidebooks – SavedSanctified, and Sent – were published earlier this fall as a course and are already being used by over 10 groups in Rochester and Buffalo. 3 more books in the series are due out in 2021. More info is available online for interested parties at www.celebratesalvation.org.

Life is abundant and full! Our Lord continues to love, provide for, and keep us healthy by His amazing grace. Click here for full news about our entire family, and please contact us anytime at susan@harpsongs.com and/or wmorehouse@gmail.com. Blessings to all!

May our LORD fill you with more and more of His amazing FAITH, HOPE, LOVE, and VISION for the future this coming year. We appreciate and miss each of you, dear family and friends, and look forward to seeing and being together with as many of you as we can in the New Year. Bill & Susan