Timely encouragement and insight for you or your ministry


The ins and outs of managing a Christian clinic to grow and serve its staff, patients, and community

Christ-centered care

How do we integrate our faith with our work in healthcare?

EMR integration

How to get past frustration and use the EMR as a Kingdom tool.

Practice Transformation

What is it and where are you in the process?

The FQHC Option

What form of practice is best for you and your group going forward?


Principles of the Kingdom of God and hope for their application in our lives and communities.


Things can only get worse for so long. Praying and preparing for awakening.


What is it and how do we live it out in ways that are appealing to those around us.


What do we need ourselves, and how can we share with others?


How can we help manifest the Kingdom of God that is in our midst?


Speaking engagements in different venues on a variety of pertinent and current topics,


Speaking at conferences, large and small.


Participating as a facilitator in retreats.

Church Groups

Sharing with church groups about healthcare and issues of life, faith, and sexuality.

Staff Meetings

Sharing with clinical and administrative staff about Christ-centered care.