Thanks for coming to visit my personal/professional website. We’re here to help one another, so take a little time to browse around, find out more about me and my experience and gifts, and see how you think we can grow closer together as colleagues, friends, and family.

My approach

God loves us and has good plans for us all.

His Kingdom is built on hope, love, and trust.

We’ve all made a lot of mistakes, but the future is still very hopeful when we turn it all over to the One who knows and always cares.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Brokenness, contrition, and repentance open the door. There is wisdom and power in release.

Pray, be open and receptive, listen, learn, empathize, develop relationship, understand and be understood, find common ground, learn from mistakes, get back up and find the way through.

I love people and am happy to come alongside when it’s appropriate.  The best is yet to come.

I’m a happy person who loves getting to know and being able to help people of all ages. I connect with little children (and the little child in most adults) almost immediately.

Sharing the joys and trials of relationships, pregnancy and delivery, and family life are some of the things about family practice that really lit my fire.

I’ve found that having a sense of humor and seeing God’s Kingdom and His love at work can give us vision and purpose through some of life’s most difficult times, if we can keep the faith and hang in there together.  


I’ve become devoted to the Kingdom of God. Let’s come alongside and see how He can use us to build together.


We each have families that can bring some of our greatest joys and struggles. Feel free to meet mine.


Is there any way I might be able to help your group with a meeting, consultation, or presentation?