This year, in the midst of the social and political unrest of 2020 and the disruption, pain, and promise of COVID-19, I was prompted in prayer to begin preparing for spiritual awakening by developing an in-depth Bible-based a series of study guides on Christian growth called The Joy of Christian Discipleship. This post is to announce that the first three study guides and an accompanying book of handouts are now published and available as Course 1: Established in 3 Stages and 7 Steps. Check it out on our Celebrate Salvation website!

Why now? In the early 21st century as we’ve been experiencing increasingly serious political and social challenges to our civil society and even to the underlying Judeo-Christian ethos of our Western civilization, we’ve found ourselves yearning for an outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit, for times of widespread awakening. Then the plague of COVID-19 hit and dramatically worsened the very character of the stressors mankind has been confronting.

As we’ve continued to pray, we’ve been reminded of the work that Noah was called to do: he was told that a great Flood was coming and instructed to build a life-saving ark. We sense that a great outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit is coming and that the Lord has commissioned us to prepare material for Him to use in equipping His people to raise up a new harvest of souls for His Kingdom.